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Galway City

Team Building in Galway is available via our recommended suppliers. Team building is deemed an essential activity for your business in today’s environment. Companies can use corporate team building to celebrate successes or help to develop a new team. Benefits can include improved co-operation among employees and increased communication

The best way to build stronger connections between team members is to get them out of the everyday office environment. When employees meet together outside of the day-to-day routines and predictable patterns of the workplace setting, they form stronger bonds and develop a better understanding of each other’s strengths and abilities. Team days out help your staff to get to know each other better and can make the workplace more enjoyable. There are many types of team building activities that range from simple treasure hunts to games with complex tasks as well as more physical activities from water sports to activities that are composed of multiple exercises such as rope courses and corporate drumming.

Our experienced and highly skilled team building partners work with our corporate clients to ensure continuity in existing training or development programs. They are all great entertainment providers that work to create memorable events shared by all of your team. Each of our providers has team building activities designed for both smaller and larger teams. They specialize in coordinating and facilitating interactive corporate team building events, with programs designed to promote team spirit and a participative culture.

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Galway Team Building examples include:

  • Galway City Treasure Hunt
  • Go-Karting
  • GAA Skills Team Building
  • Indoor Sports Skills
  • Singing Master classes
  • Sailing on Galway Hookers (traditional fishing boats)
  • Drumming & Percussion Workshops
  • Cruise on Lough Corrib
  • Pottery Experiences
  • Flash mob in Galway
  • Connemara Gaelic Cultural Experience 
  • Perfume Making
  • Giant Games & Inflatable packages
  • T-Shirt Making
  • Dragons Den / TV Experiences
  • Stand up Paddle Boarding & Kayaking
  • Connemara Folkloric Evening   
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