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Shannon Airport

Shannon International Airport is located just 1 hour from Galway (90 kilometres south) on the west coast of Ireland.

Flight Destinations include U.K. from London and Manchester, Europe from Alicante, Berlin, Faro, Izmir, Karkow, Lanzarote, Lyon, Malaga, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Paris, Toulouse, Warsaw and the U.S. from Boston, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Airlines include Aer Lingus, Delta Airlines, Ryanair, United, US Airways. Shannon Airport is one of Ireland's three primary airports, along with Dublin and Cork. Shannon is unique both in its location and its place in the history of world aviation. Of all European Airports it is situated at the most western point, and was chosen for its geographical position as the transatlantic gateway between Europe and America. In 2014 Shannon Airport handled 1,639,315 passengers increasing 17% on the 1.4 million people in 2013.

Shannon originally started out as ‘Rineanna Airport’ and on Thursday 18th May 1939 the very first aircraft landed. Less than two months later the first passenger aircraft landed on the 11th July 1939 a Belgian airliner. The first scheduled flight from the United States landed in Shannon Airport on the 24th October 1945. The aircraft “Flagship London” had flown from Gander to Shannon in 8 hours 20 minutes and live broadcasts made enroute were relayed over a nationwide radio network in the United States.  In 1945 Shannon also began receiving scheduled aircraft from Trans World Airways (TWA) and Pan American Airways (Pan AM). In 1947 the world’s first duty-free shop opened at Shannon Airport. It began as a simple kiosk measuring just a few square metres, selling souvenirs and gifts.  The Duty Free shop became an immediate success and has been copied worldwide. Over the years, Shannon grew in size and capacity and in March 2000 a Shannon Airport Terminal was opened with capacity for 4.5 million passengers.  In August 2009 Shannon Airport became the first airport in Europe to have full United States Preclearance Services following the construction of a new US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) preclearance facility for Commercial operations. Shannon Airport also became the first Airport in the World outside of the United States to have pre-clearance for Private aircraft.  In June 2010 pre-clearance services extended to non-scheduled commercial airlines and business jets. The last quarter of 2012 saw a timely surge for Shannon, with new services announced for Philadelphia (US Airways) and Chicago (United Airlines), a return of Aer Lingus to JFK and Boston, and Delta to JFK, giving Shannon direct services to five US airports for summer 2013. It remains, along with Dublin Airport, as one of only two airports in the Republic of Ireland with flights to and from the US and, from a transatlantic perspective, services the entire west coast of Ireland. 


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