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BaborĂ³ Arts Festival for Children

15th - 21st October 2018

Baboró is Ireland's flagship international arts festival for children and families featuring a week of Irish and international work for children and families in October. This is a unique festival, aimed squarely at children and at getting schools and families from thoughtout the West involved in a vast array of events that cover just about every aspect of the arts. From relatively small beginings in 1998, the festival has grown massively – now more than 40,000 children attend the festival and the Baboró team are also bringing events such as Wide Eyes to Galway - part of the Small size initiative promoting performing Arts for Early Years.

Based in Galway city, the festival provides access to quality work from a growing number of Irish companies creating work for children and families. At the heart of the organisation's activities is access to the arts for all children, regardless of their geographic, economic, physical, intellectual or cultural status. Baboró brings the most diverse selection of the finest in performing arts from Ireland and around the world to its annual one-week festival in October. The festival programme varies from year to year but encompasses music, dance, theatre, literature, film, puppetry, story telling and visual arts, with workshops, performances, discussions and exhibitions running in venues throughout Galway city. There are events aimed at children aged from three years to 16 years, and most will be enjoyed just as much by the adults they bring along!

The team at Baboró work to ensure that each child’s experience is inspiring and deeply engaging. It is a magical experience for both the children and the accompanying adults as they see the arts through a child's eyes - the wonder they see - the imagination revitalised - all part of the overall incredible Baboró effect.

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